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Well, Hello World!

Test, one, two, three. Test. Test!

Well, hello world!

This is Sezen and I am writing you from a wonderful place where my dreams have come true. Stepping into the early days of 2018, I am happy to announce that my debut title BLACKOUT is now out, ready for its readers, and I must say that there is nothing more amazing in the whole world than finally keeping a promise to one's self. Sitting down with my pajamas every day and writing, and thinking, and editing enough so that people can read it. So that it would become my first book.

The journey of BLACKOUT has begun early in the last summer with 28 days long media detox experiment and starting from that exact moment, I watched myself evolving into a new person. Leaving other people and my never-ending comparison with them behind, adapting my screen addiction into something at least a bit more healthier and gaining the awareness I longed for some time, now I am ready for another year ahead. Feeling proud. Brave. Even happier. 

The idea of having people read what I wrote is still a bit young and I am trying to adjust because well, who am I to tell people to do something anyway? But I believe we humans grow and change with the stories of those around us and it is important to produce the useful, the important and the caring content as much as we can in this modern age of almost constant negativity and endless fake positivity.

I also believe that we need to take a moment from the chaos and that is exactly what I did during my blackout. I left the building for a brief period of time and came back as the hero I always needed to put my life back together. This small and even rather too easy experiment created a miracle and turned my skeptic mind around. It made me realize all my fundamental mistakes while spending 'now'. The most important time of the day, every day. 

My only wish now is to hopefully help someone experience the same refreshing wind of change. I believe that is all it takes. One reader. One woman or man. Gaining their willpower and happiness back from the depressing arms of social media.

So, here I am. Ready to share what I have been through in my own struggle and ready to help you out in any way I can. And I am more than glad that you've stopped by. This blog is not only better but even more meaningful when you are here, and you are reading, and you are sharing. 

It is certainly a wonderful time to be alive!



Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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