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Here on this page, you may find many people who had helped me throughout my difficult journey of the blackout experiment or even harder days of producing this website and online content for you. For their contribution, they deserve not only credit but our love. Once again, thanks guys for making this dream possible.

- Sezen

Jessica Hatch

Jessica Hatch

The brilliant editor of BLACKOUT. You have become the first person to take away the solitude of this experiment and transform it into a public-facing journey. Not that I had known many editors before I met you, but I just knew from your first-ever message in our collaboration that you were going to elevate this book in any way possible, and that is exactly what you have done so far. I am beyond grateful for every effort you have made to help me and this book. This journey became even more meaningful once you joined the ride.

Editor of BLACKOUT

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She is the luck every author needs! Dokuzuncukat has a lovely feminine touch when it comes to photography and she made it possible for me. She single-handedly created spectacular imagery, even though there was no real help from the subject of the photos =)

Betül Gürel

Betül Gürel

She is the go-to person when it comes to styling and once we stepped into the set, she proved herself to be the driving energy of a nice shooting as well. I was so lucky to already accommodate her within my close circle of friends!

Styling for Author Photography

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Yağmur Kali Barkın

Yağmur Kali Barkın

Yağmur helped to create a beautiful design for the book cover and generously developed a lovely and simple logotype for the website. She joined the girl-power at the end but she saved us all with her talents!

Blackout Cover Design, Author Logo Design



Thinkerfox is the mastermind behind this website and they made it with love. If it weren't for them, I would still be out there trying to build a website on my own. They listened to me, offered customized solutions for me and eventually, they built my dream so that we all can reach one another easily and beautifully. Thank you!

Website Development

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Chuttersnap on Unsplash

Chuttersnap is a photographer I found on Unsplash who was generous enough to put his lovely photos up for royalty-free usage. Now his perfect imagery is the base of Blackout's cover design and making everyone (especially me) happy. Thanks!

Blackout Cover Photography

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Oğuz Özsoy

Oğuz Özsoy

He is our producer and the force behind wonderful equipment! He helped us out on many issues before and during the photo shoot, and there is no way to show our eternal gratitude.

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